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2005-12-30In-flight smoke emergency, Airbus A319-11 , G-EZEG
2005-12-07APU fumes, BAe 146-200, G-JEAW
2005-10-30Instrument failure and smoke, Airbus A319-131, G-EUPF
2005-10-22Instrument failure, Airbus A319-131, G-EUOB
2005-08-18Smoke emergency, Boeing 757-200APF, TF-FIE
2005-07-30Landing gear fire during touch-and-gos, Boeing 757-236, G-BMRE
2005-04-28Electrical smoke, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, April 28, 2005
2005-03-06Sudden-stop injury, Boeing 757-232, March 6, 2005
2004-12-29Engine fire, Boeing 747-123, December 29, 2004
2004-09-30Pilot incapacitation in cruise, BAe 146-300 (EI-DEX), September 30, 2004
2004-09-01Tire tread loss and airframe damage, Boeing 737-33A, 9H-ADH
2004-08-07Rejected takeoff due to AMASS malfunction, Boeing 737-500, Denver, August 7, 2004
2004-07-23Loss of de-icing boot and fuselage damage, Aurigny Air Services, Fairey Britten Norman BN2A Mk III-2 ‘Trislander’, G-BEVT
2004-07-13Loss of fan cowl, Airbus A320-233, July 13, 2004
2004-06-08Landing gear failure, Boeing 737-204ADV (EI-CJC), Dublin, Ireland, June 8, 2004
2004-06-04Precautionary diversion on an Airbus A330-301 (EI-JFK) following takeoff from Dublin, Ireland, June 4, 2004
2004-06-04Turbulence injury, Boeing 737-7H4, June 4, 2004
2004-01-26Depressurizaton En Route, Airbus A320 (EI-CPD), en route near Cardiff, UK, January 26, 2004
2003-12-07Uncommanded rotation, Incident involving aircraft LN-RPL at Gothenburg/Landvetter Airport, O county, Sweden, on 7 December 2003
2003-11-19Smoke on rotation, Boeing 757-236, G-CPES
2003-11-16In-flight smoke, Final Report by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau concerning the serious incident to the aircraft EMB-145LU, HB-JAU on 16 November 2003 at Zurich Airport
2003-11-02In-flight smoke, Boeing 777-200B, N795UA
2003-10-03Airliner landing with low fuel at Helsinki-Vantaa airport on 3.10.2003
2003-10-02Engine detector fire, Boeing 747-100, October 2, 2003
2003-09-07In-flight smoke, Boeing 757-236, G-CPER
2003-08-08Engine failure, Serious Incident to ATR 42 EI-CBK near Dublin 8 August 2003
2003-06-26Access door loss and fuselage damage, Boeing 777-236B, G-VIIA
2003-06-10Pilot incapacitation, Boeing 757-200, June 10, 2003
2003-05-30Pressurization failure, Boeing 737-436, G-DOCE
2003-04-20Smoke emergency, Boeing 747-436, G-BNLC
2003-04-08Uncommanded yaw on takeoff, Boeing 737-73V, G-EZJR
2003-03-02Roll impairment due to jammed aileron cables, BAe 146-300, G-OINV
2003-01-31Dual electrical failure, Incident involving aircraft SE-LGZ in the air space over Mariehamn, Sweden on 31 January 2003
2003-01-11In-flight fire, Boeing 757-222, January 11, 2003
2002-12-23Uncommanded yaw, Boeing 737-81Q, G-XLAD
2002-12-12Wing icing on a Boeing 737-500, LN-BRX, on December 12, 2002
2002-11-28Service cart injury, Airbus A320-211, November 28, 2002
2002-11-19Grinding sound on takeoff, Boeing 727-230F, OO-DHY
2002-11-08Smoke emergency, Boeing 737-436, G-DOCH
2002-10-15Pressurization failure, Boeing 737-204ADV, EI-CJG
2002-10-09Rudder hardover, Boeing 747-400, October 9, 2002
2002-08-24Smoke emergency, British Airways Boeing 747-400 (G-CIVT), August 24, 2002
2002-06-15Uncontained engine failure, Incident: Boeing 777-200, 9V-SVI
2002-05-31Windshield failure on a MD-11F at Seattle, May 31, 2002
2002-05-08Flight control vibration, Boeing 737-448, May 8, 2002
2002-05-01Turbulence injury, Boeing 747-422, May 1, 2002
2002-04-28APU cabin smoke while taxiing, Boeing 777-236, G-VIIU
2002-04-18Turbulence injuries, Boeing 757-200, April 18, 2002
2001-12-14Uncommanded roll, Douglas DC-8-71F, December 14, 2001
2001-11-30Turbulence injury, McDonnell Douglas DC-9-82, November 30, 2001
2001-11-09Bleed faults, Airbus A320-231, G-MEDA, 9 November 2001
2001-07-13Engine fire, Boeing 727-100, July 13, 2001
2001-05-28Turbulence injury, Boeing 757-2G7, May 28, 2001
2001-03-15Engine failure, McDonnell Douglas MD-88, March 15, 2001
2001-03-06Smell of burning plastic, Incident involving aircraft SE-KUT in the airspace above Umeå, AC County, Sweden, on the 6th of March 2001
2001-02-23Aircraft incident to SE-LKB in the Hudiksvall airspace, X county, Sweden, on February 23, 2001
2001-02-19In-flight thrust reverser deployment, Boeing 717, February 19, 2001
2001-02-02Fire and smoke, Incident involving aircraft SE-DUP in the airspace above Jönköping, F county, Sweden, on 2 February 2001
2001-01-16Pressurization emergency, Boeing 737-500 (EI-CDF), near Wallesley, North Wales, January 16, 2001
2001-01-05Smoke emergency in cruise, Boeing 747-200F, January 5, 2001
2000-12-09Depressurization in Cruise, Aer Lingus Boeing 737-500, EI-CDD, north of Paris, December 9, 2000
2000-07-28Turbulence injuries, Boeing 727-200, July 28, 2000
2000-06-27Uncommanded yaw on climb, Airbus A300B4- 605R, N14065
2000-06-05Ground cabin smoke, Final Report of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau concerning the incident of the airplane Mc Donnell Douglas DC-9-83, HB-IUM on 5 June 2000 at Geneva Airport
2000-05-08Pilot incapacitation on China Airlines Flight Ci681, an A300-600R, B-18503, on 2000-05-08
2000-04-02Uncontained engine failure, Boeing 747-200, April 2, 2000
1999-12-06Failure of retract actuator, Boeing 767-232, December 6, 1999
1999-12-04Difficulties retracting gear, Boeing 757-28A, G-FCLI
1999-11-11Electrical problems, Boeing 737-400, November 11, 1999
1999-08-31Pressurization failure, BAe 146-300, EI-CLG
1999-08-24Failure to become airborne, Incident, Boeing 767-383, OY-KDN
1999-08-08Electrical smoke on climb, Boeing 777-236, G-VIIE
1999-07-08Turbulence injuries, Boeing 737-824, July 8, 1999
1999-06-25Contained engine failure, Douglas DC-9-82, June 25, 1999
1999-06-11Turbulence injuries, Boeing 777-222, June 11, 1999
1998-12-14Control problems in icing, Serious incident occurring 14 December 1998, 15 km westlich Cottbus, to Aerospatiale-Alenia/ATR 42-300
1998-11-08Cargo compartment fire on ground, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, November 8, 1998
1998-11-06Engine failure, BAe 146-200, G-JEAR
1998-10-21Control difficulties, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, October 21, 1998
1998-10-01Windscreen sparks, Airbus Industrie A310, 5B-DAX, 1 October 1998 at 0920 hrs
1998-09-12Low fuel, Lockheed L-1011 Tristar, C-GTSB
1998-07-22Turbulence injuries, Boeing 767-223, July 22, 1998
1998-05-24Turbulence injury, Boeing 757-2B7, May 24, 1998
1998-05-21In-flight upset, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10, May 21, 1998
1998-05-18Uncommanded yaw damper inputs, Boeing 747-123, May 18, 1998
1998-04-30Uncommanded roll and yaw, Douglas DC-9-34, April 30, 1998
1998-04-18Instrumentation problems on takeoff, Airbus A320-231, G-OOAB, 18 April 1998 at 2200 hrs
1998-04-11Flight control system oddities, McDonnell Douglas MD-82, April 11, 1998
1998-03-12Engine failure on takeoff, Boeing 777-200, G-VIIH, 12 March 1998 at 1900 hrs
1998-03-06Total engine oil loss, Boeing 767-336, G-BNWT
1998-03-04Turbulence injuries, Boeing 737-242C, March 4, 1998
1998-02-16Clogged fuel filter, Airbus A320, February 16, 1998
1998-01-04Cabin fire, BAC One Eleven 501EX, G-AWYS
1997-12-18Nicotine-induced pressurization failure, McDonnell Douglas MD-82, HB-INW
1997-12-07Pushback flight attendant injury, McDonnell Douglas DC-9-50, December 7, 1997
1997-11-24Smoke on takeoff, BAe 146-200, EI-COF at Manchester Airport
1997-10-16Boeing 757 slide loss on climbout from Seattle, October 16, 1997
1997-10-13Lightning strike, Fokker F28 Mark 0100, G-UKFK
1997-09-14Turbulence injuries, Boeing 747-422, September 14, 1997
1997-02-20Electrical fire during cruise, Douglas DC-9-15, February 20, 1997
1997-01-21Fumes in cockpit, Boeing 727-100, January 21, 1997
1997-01-13Jammed aileron, Incident involving aircraft SE-DRG, 13 January 1997, in controlled airspace west of Stockholm, AB county, Sweden
1997-01-07Turbulence injury, Airbus A300B4-605R, January 7, 1997
1996-12-11In-flight cabin fire, Boeing 757-225, December 11, 1996
1996-11-02Insecure door in flight, Boeing 747-236B, G-BDXK
1996-08-29Turbulence injuries, Boeing 737-300, August 29, 1996
1996-07-16Pilot incapacitation, ATR42-300, G-BXEG, 16 July 1996
1996-07-06Uncontained Engine Failure, Delta Air Lines Flight 1288, McDonnell Douglas MD-88, N927DA, Pensacola, Florida, July 6, 1996
1996-06-26Pressurization failure, Boeing 737-436, G-DOCR, 26 June 1996
1996-06-25Electrical arcing severs aileron cable on Boeing 767-332ER, June 25, 1996
1996-06-19Electrical failure, Boeing 767, June 19, 1996
1996-06-18Airframe vibration during climb, Boeing 747-236B, G-BDXJ, 18 June 1996
1996-06-15Retraction of gear on ground, Boeing 747-121
1996-06-10Tire tread loss, damage, Boeing 737-436, G-DOCV
1996-06-08Pilot incapacitation, Lockheed L-1011-385-1, June 8, 1996
1996-04-28Windshield failure in flight, Airbus A320-212, G-DACR, 28 April 1996
1996-04-13Smoke emergency over North Atlantic, Boeing 747-436, G-BNLL, 13 April 1996
1996-04-07Sick crew, Fokker 100, G-UKFF, 7 April 1996
1996-04-07Turbulence injury, Boeing 757-223, April 7, 1996
1996-03-20Foreign object damage to both engines, Boeing 737-200, March 20, 1996
1995-10-13Damage in cruise from partially detached thrust reverser, Douglas DC-9-31, October 13, 1995
1995-08-21In-flight loss of propeller blade, forced landing, and collision with terrain, Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Inc., Flight 529, Embraer EMB-120RT, N256AS, Carrollton, Georgia, August 21, 1995
1995-06-20Turbulence injuries, Boeing 767-222, June 20, 1995
1995-03-29Pilot incapacitation, Douglas DC-9-32, March 29, 1995
1995-02-25Loss of oil on climb on both engines, Boeing 737-400, G-OBMM
1995-01-06Turbulence injury, McDonnell Douglas MD-88, Janaury 6, 1995
1994-07-07Turbulence injury, Boeing 737-2H4, July 7, 1994
1994-03-15Pilot incapacitation, Douglas DC-8-61
1993-10-04Tailstrike, Boeing 757-232, October 4, 1993
1993-09-21Unexplained in-flight physiological complaints, Boeing 737-3B7, September 21, 1993
1993-09-13Rudder control malfunction, Boeing 757-200ER, September 13, 1993
1993-07-10Uncommanded rudder oscillation, McDonnell-Douglas DC-10-40, July 10, 1993
1993-04-06Inadvertent In-Flight Slat Deployment, China Eastern Airlines Flight 583, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, B-2171, 950 Nautical Miles South Of Shemya, Alaska, April 6, 1993
1993-03-31In-Flight Engine Separation, Japan Airlines, Inc., Flight 46E, Boeing 747-121, N473EV, Anchorage, Alaska, March 31, 1993
1993-01-15Uncontained engine failure, Douglas DC-8-55, January 15, 1993
1992-07-30Aborted Takeoff Shortly after Liftoff, Trans World Airlines Flight 843 Lockheed L-1011, N11002, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Jamaica, New York, July 30, 1992
1989-07-19Uncontained engine failure, United Airlines Flight 232, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10, Sioux Gateway Airport, Sioux City, Iowa, July 19, 1989
1988-04-28Structural failure, Aloha Airlines, Flight 243, Boeing 737-200, N73711, Near Maui, Hawaii, April 28, 1988
1985-02-19In-flight upset, China Airlines, Boeing 747 SP, N4522V, 300 Nautical Miles Northwest Of San Francisco, California, February 19, 1985
1983-05-05Multiple engine failure, Eastern Air Lines, Inc., Lockheed L-1011, N334EA, Miami International Airport, Miami, Florida, May 5, 1983
1981-09-22Uncontained engine failure, Eastern Airlines Flight 935 Lockheed L-1011-385, N309EA Near Colts Neck, New Jersey September 22, 1981
1977-06-03Contact with powerlines on takeoff, Continental Air Lines, Inc., Boeing 727-224, N32725 Tucson, Arizona June 3, 1977
1972-09-13Runway overrun, Trans World Airlines, Inc., Boeing 707-331C, N15712, San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco, California, September 13, 1972
1972-05-02Uncontained engine failure, Continental Airlines, Inc., McDonnell Douglas DC-10, N68041, Tucson, Arizona, May 2, 1972
1970-11-04Turbulence injuries, Pan American World Airways, Inc., Boeing 747-121, N739PA, near Nantucket, Massachusetts, November 4, 1970
1967-11-06Runway overrun, Trans World Airlines, Inc., B-707, N742TW, The Greater Cincinnati Airport, Erlanger, Kentucky, November 6, 1967
1965-12-25Uncontained engine failure, Japan Air Lines, Ltd., Douglas DC-8-33, JA-8006, San Francisco, California, December 25, 1965
1965-12-25Uncontained engine failure, Japan Air Lines Company, Ltd., Douglas DC-8-33, JA-8006, San Francisco, California, December 25, 1965

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