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Title:Near-miss between an Airbus A310, AP-BED and a Boeing 737-600, LN-RPK
Micro summary:A significant altitude bust yields a near-miss.
Event Time:2001-02-21 at 1510
File Name:2001-02-21-NO.pdf
Publishing Agency:Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIB)
Publishing Country:Norway
Report number:17/2002
Site of event:10 nm north of Oslo airport Gardermoen (ENGM)
First AirplaneSecond Airplane
Departure:Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, NorwayAlesund Airport, Vigra, Norway
Destination:Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup), Copenhagen, DenmarkOslo Airport, Gardermoen, Norway
Airplane Type(s):Airbus A310Boeing 737-600
Flight Phase:ClimbApproach
Operator(s):PIA - Pakistan International AirlinesSAS
Type of flight:RevenueRevenue
Serious Injuries:UnknownUnknown
Other Injuries:UnknownUnknown
Executive Summary:The incident occurred 10 NM north of ENGM, and led to a violation of separation minimums between an Airbus A-310 from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA 752) and a Boeing 737-600 from Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS 2367).

SAS 2367 inbound to ENGM from Ålesund airport Vigra (ENAL), called Oslo ATCC Approach (APP) sector East at time 15:04:40, established on Standard Arrival Route (STAR) MES 2A arrival. The crew was cleared down to FL 100. PIA 752, flying from ENGM to Copenhagen airport Kastrup (EKCH), called APP sector East at 15:07:37 climbing to 7 000 ft on Standard Instrument Departure (SID) GOTUR 2A. PIA 752 was radar identified, and the crew was cleared climb to FL 090, and instructed to level off at FL 090 due to crossing traffic above (SAS 2367). The crew correctly read back the clearance to FL 090. At time 1509, both crew reported TCAS-alarm. At that time SAS 2367 was level at FL 100, and PIA 752 was approaching FL 090. The crew of PIA 752 did not stop their climb at FL 090, and as SAS 2367 passed just overhead the vertical distance had been reduced to 800 ft. The SAS 2367 crew had climbed to FL 102, according to TCAS Resolution Advisory (RA), and according to radar transcript, PIA 752 passed FL 094 and was still climbing. PIA 752 continued climb to FL 097, before staring descend back to FL090. The horizontal distance though, had been increasing from the moment the vertical distance between the two aircraft was 800 ft. All involved parties reported the incident to AAIB/N.

Learning Keywords:Operations - Airspace - Air Proximity
Operations - Airspace - Air Traffic Control
Operations - Airspace - TCAS
Operations - Altitude Excursion


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