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Title:Incident involving aircraft SE-LIP in the airspace between Jönköping and Linköping, Sweden on the 22nd of December 2000
Micro summary:Two independent technical malfunctions in this Fokker F-27 resulted in a dicey landing.
Event Time:2000-12-22 at 1926 UTC
File Name:2000-12-22-SE.pdf
Publishing Agency:Swedish Accident Investigation Board (AIB)
Publishing Country:Sweden
Report number:RL 2001: 22e
Site of event:Airspace between Jonkoping and Linkoping
Latitude/Longitude:5805N 01516E
Departure:Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup), Copenhagen, Denmark
Destination:SAAB, Linkoping, Sweden
Airplane Type(s):Fokker F-27 Mk050
Flight Phase:Cruise
Operator(s):Skyways Express
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:0
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:The aircraft was operating the regular flight between Copenhagen and Linköping. The flight departed from Kastrup at 19:46 hrs. Initially the flight proceeded normally. Just prior to initiation of the descent towards Linköping, the pilots perceived a burning odor, as if an electrical component had been burnt. With the lighting on in the cockpit the pilots thought that they could detect a faint mist of smoke.

The pilots took out their oxygen masks but did not don them because they felt that the odor subsided. During the approach into Linköping, additional faults appeared on the aircraft.

They were radar vectored to a left-base turn to runway 29 and landed visually without any difficulties. As the pilots had not declared an emergency; an alert report, according to valid rules for aircraft in distress, was not forwarded by Air Traffic Control. Prior to the landing, the air traffic controller at the airport alerted the airport search and rescue services, which were placed on alert.

The investigation has revealed that there were two independent technical malfunctions in the electrical system of the aircraft. One was in the DC-system and was probably the malfunction that i.a. caused disturbances in the instruments. The other one was in the AC-system and was probably the one that caused smell and smoke on flight deck. The cable to the ovens of the aircraft was burnt. Since the ovens were removed, the malfunction had not been observed. For reason unknown the circuit breaker to the ovens was not inactivated which meant that the cable was alive.

The incident was probably caused by one or several transient electrical shorts in the aircraft’s AC-power system.
Learning Keywords:Systems - Electrical
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