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Title:Near-miss, Serious aircraft incident in Turku terminal control area, Finland on 13.8.2001
Micro summary:A near-miss occurred between this Saab 2000 and Saab 340B, due to an ATC error.
Event Time:2001-08-13 at 1609 local
File Name:2001-08-13-FI.pdf
Publishing Agency:Finland Accident Investigation Board (AIB)
Publishing Country:Finland
Report number:B 6/2001 L
Site of event:Turku terminal control area
First AirplaneSecond Airplane
Departure:Turku Airport, Turku, FinlandStockholm-Arlanda Airport, Marsta, Sweden
Destination:Mariehamn Airport, Mariehamn, FinlandTurku Airport, Turku, Finland
Airplane Type(s):Saab SF340ASaab 2000
Flight Phase:DescentCruise
Operator(s):Air BotniaOy Air Botnia Ab
Type of flight:RevenueRevenue
Serious Injuries:0
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:On Monday 13 August 2001 at 16.09 Finnish local time (all times in the report are Finnish local time) a serious aircraft incident took place in Turku terminal control area, when a SAAB 2000 commercial transport aeroplane, call sign KFB 422, operated by Oy Air Botnia Ab, descended according to the air traffic control clearance through the level used by a SAAB SF340A commercial transport aeroplane, call sign KFB 411, operated by Oy Air Botnia Ab.

3.2 Cause of the incident
The incident was caused by a mistake the air traffic control trainee made and the duty controller did not notice. Neither the investigators nor the persons involved were able to determine the cause of the mistake.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Airspace - Air Proximity
Operations - Airspace - Air Traffic Control


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