Event Details

Title:Risk of collision between two airliners southwest of Vihti VOR, Finland on 9 October 1998
Micro summary:Near-miss between an MD-81 descending and a 727 climbing.
Event Time:1998-10-09 at 2251 local
File Name:1998-10-09-FI.pdf
Publishing Agency:Finland Accident Investigation Board (AIB)
Publishing Country:Finland
Report number:C 24/1998 L
Site of event:southwest of Vihti VOR
First AirplaneSecond Airplane
Departure:Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki, FinlandCopenhagen Airport (Kastrup), Copenhagen, Denmark
Destination:Gatwick Airport, London, EnglandHelsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki, Finland
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 727-223FDouglas DC-9-81
Flight Phase:ClimbDescent
Operator(s):European Air TransportSAS
Type of flight:CargoRevenue
Serious Injuries:00
Other Injuries:00
Executive Summary:On Friday 9 October 1998, at 22.51 local time, an air traffic incident occurred about 50 NM west of Helsinki at an altitude of 6250 metres. The incident involved a DC-9-81 (MD-81) airliner, call sign SAS 714, which was operated by Scandinavian Airlines System on a scheduled flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki, and a B727-223F airliner, call sign BCS 6514, which was on a cargo flight from Helsinki to Gatwick operated by European Air Transport. The aircraft were on intersecting flight paths and eventually passed each other so that the required minimum separation was broken.

Tampere area control centre reported the incident on 9 October 1998, by filling in the Finnish CAA’s form ILL/3626, ”Report on a hazard to flight safety”. Neither of the crews is known to have filed an incident report.

3.2 Probable cause
BCS 6514 did not comply with the clearance received and acknowledged by the crew.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Airspace - Air Proximity
Operations - Airspace - Air Traffic Control


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