Event Details

Title:Brake fire after landing, Boeing 747-467, VR-HUE, 9 September 1996
Micro summary:This Boeing 747-467 experienced a brake fire after landing.
Event Time:1996-09-09 at 0336 UTC
File Name:1996-09-09-UK.pdf
Publishing Agency:Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB)
Publishing Country:United Kingdom
Report number:EW/C96/9/2
Site of event:Stand M26, London Heathrow Airport
Departure:Hong Kong International Airport (Check Lap Kok Airport), Hong Kong, China
Destination:London Heathrow Airport, London, England
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 747-467
Flight Phase:Taxi
Operator(s):Cathay Pacific Airways
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:0
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:The aircraft had previously operated a sector from Singapore to Hong Kong, following which the No 1 main wheel assembly,complete with bearings, had been changed due to tyre wear. The aircraft then operated the Hong Kong to Heathrow sector normally until, after parking on the stand and while the passengers were disembarking, a ground engineer reported a brake fire. The fire was rapidly extinguished by the ground crew. The Airport Fire Service arrived just three minutes after being called, however the fire was out when they arrived, and they then continued to monitor the situation while the disembarkation continued normally.
Learning Keywords:Systems - Brake/Tire/Wheel Well Fire
Systems - Landing Gear
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