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Title:Landing on runway with construction equipment, Fokker 50, G-UKTH, Humberside, 4 April 1996
Micro summary:This Fokker 50 landed on a runway that had construction equipment on it.
Event Time:1996-04-04 at 0846 UTC
File Name:1996-04-04-UK.pdf
Publishing Agency:Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB)
Publishing Country:United Kingdom
Report number:EW/C96/4/4
Site of event:Landing, Humberside International Airport, South Humberside
Departure:Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Destination:Humberside Airport, Humberside, England
Airplane Type(s):Fokker 50
Flight Phase:Landing
Operator(s):Air UK
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:0
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:The aircraft was inbound to Humberside Airport on a scheduled service from Amsterdam. At 0841 hrs, as the aircraft was approaching FL 065 in the descent, the crew contacted the Humberside approach controller. He initially cleared the aircraft to descent to 1,700 feet and later, with other instrument pattern traffic in sight, the flight was further cleared to turn for a left base to join visually for Runway 21. The weather was fine with a surface wind of 150/07 kt, visibility 7 km and a temperature of 4C with clear sky conditions.

At 0843 hrs the crew called 'visual' with the runway and were transferred to the aerodrome controller. At the time, engineering work was being carried out to replace a faulty centreline runway light with engineers working by the runway edge and on the runway centreline itself. The controller, using the ground movement frequency, instructed the lighting engineers "BACK FROM THE RUNWAY IMMEDIATELY PLEASE". An engineer replied "THERE'S A HOLE IN THE MIDDLE...TOWER DO YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE THIS HOLE". The controller continued "THERE SHOULDN'T BE A HOLE WE'VE GOT TRAFFIC LANDING". Somewhat concerned, the engineer transmitted again "SAY AGAIN DO YOU WANT ME TO LEAVE ITOR DO YOU WANT ME TO FILL IT BACK IN". The controller replied "HAVE TO BE LEFT NOW THERE'S AN AEROPLANE LANDING GET BACK TO THE RUNWAY EDGE PLEASE". The engineer responded "THERE'S A LAMP ON THE CENTRELINE AS WELL..THERE'S A LAMP OUT ...AND ITS JUST ADJACENT TO THE CENTRELINE".

As they checked in on frequency the Fokker 50 crew was advised by the controller "INFORMATION FOR YOU IF YOU ARRANGE YOUR NOSE WHEEL TO BE EITHER TO THE LEFT OR RIGHT OF RUNWAY CENTRELINE DUE TO A LAMP WHICH IS OUT OF POSITION IN THE CENTRELINE I'M INFORMED". The crew asked for a confirmation of message and were told by the controller "YES IT'S BEEN REMOVED... THEY HAVE REMOVED IT SO IT'S ONE OF THE CENTRELINE LIGHTS THAT'S JUST ABOUT 100 METRES BEYOND THE PAPIs SO IF YOU ARRANGE FOR YOUR NOSE WHEEL TO BE EITHER RIGHT OR LEFT OF THAT". The crew acknowledged that they would comply with the instruction.

At 0846 hrs the controller cleared the aircraft to land. It is believed that the commander accepted the landing clearance in the belief that he could easily avoid what he assumed to be a small hole left by the removal of the centreline light. The landing was uneventful and nothing unusual was seen by the crew until the aircraft flared for landing. As they back-tracked the runway the crew informed the tower that "HE'S THE LAMP SITTING OUT ON THE RUNWAY IT'S GOT SOME KIND OF METAL TOOL STICKING OUT UP INTO THE AIR...AND ALL SORTS OF CABLE ON THE RUNWAY..."

The controller replied that he was not fully aware of the situation and was under the impression that the engineers were just changing a light bulb. Three minutes after the landing the aerodrome controller contacted the airfield engineers again and instructed them to "..GET THAT LAMP FILLED IN IMMEDIATELY AND RETIRE FROM THE RUNWAY".

After parking on stand the aircraft was inspected by ground engineers and the crew but no damage was found. Inspection of the runway revealed that the displaced centreline light assembly and its associated lifting handle and cable were also undamaged. The aircraft commander informed ATC, however, that he would forward an Air Safety Report to the Safety Data Department of the CAA.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Airspace - Air Traffic Control
Operations - Near-Ground Collision
Operations - Runway Incursion
Other - Airport Management


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