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Title:Incursion in prohibited area, Boeing 767-336, G-BNWP, 7 December 1995
Micro summary:Miscommunication between this Boeing 767-336 and Beirut ATC regarding a prohibited area.
Event Time:1995-12-07 at 0735 UTC
File Name:1995-12-07-UK.pdf
Publishing Agency:Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB)
Publishing Country:United Kingdom
Report number:AAIB Bulletin No: 4/96 Ref: EW/G95/12/07
Site of event:Beirut International Airport
Departure:Rafic Hariri International Airport, Beirut, Lebanon
Destination:London Heathrow Airport, London, England
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 767-336
Flight Phase:Climb
Operator(s):British Airways
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:0
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:The flight took off from Runway 21 at 0708 hrs and, following the required return to Beirut beacon, followed the SID towards 'CHEKKA'. At 0710 hrs, the commander asked ATC to confirm that the flight was cleared to climb to Flight Level (FL) 240. This was confirmed and he was told to report reaching that level and passing BALMA. The commander did not ask either for confirmation of the SID route or for re-clearance direct to BALMA.

Beirut Radar was unserviceable and, at 0718hrs, ATC asked for the aircraft's ETA for BALMA,which the commander gave as 0734 hrs. The direct track from Beirut to BALMA is 41 nm, and the controller, therefore, requested confirmation of this ETA, which was given. The distance from Beirut via CHEKKAand LEBOR to BALMA,which would have been displayed on the FMS, would have been about 165 nm and it would have been displaying an ETA of 0724 hrs.The controller then asked for further verification of the estimateand for their range from Beirut. The commander stated that theywere overhead CHEKKA and, giving the range from Beirut as 37 nm, was asked for the radial from Beirut. The commander replied that the radial was 212, which was 180 in error, and was instructed to proceed to BALMA. There followed a series of requests by ATC for radials and distances from other local radio beacons, as the controller tried to establish the position of the aircraft. About one minute later, ATC instructed the aircraft to "IMMEDIATELY TURN LEFT WESTERLY HEADING LEFT LEFT" and asked "WHAT'S YOUR LEVEL?". The commander acknowledged this instruction and the first officer turned the aircraft left onto a heading of 270. Following further confirmation of radials and distances from Beirut, the controller informed the commander that they were flying over a prohibited area and on a different airway (R 655) from that in their clearance. The prohibited area in question was no longer operative. The commander replied that they had exactly followed the controller's instruction to turn left onto 270. The flight to London was continued without further incident and the commander did not consider that the event was significant enough to file a report to the operating company on the matter.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Airspace - Air Traffic Control


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