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Title:Two Boeing 767-300 aircraft, BR365 and NZ 31, loss of separation, Auckland Oceanic Control Area, December 17, 1996
Micro summary:An enroute climb for a Boeing 767-300 puts it in close proximity to a Boeing 767-300 flying in the opposite direction.
Event Time:1996-12-17 at 1105 NZST
File Name:1996-12-17-NZ.pdf
Publishing Agency:Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC)
Publishing Country:New Zealand
Report number:96-021
Site of event:380 nm NW of Auckland
Latitude/Longitude:S34°29.7 E 167°59.5
First AirplaneSecond Airplane
Departure:Brisbane International Airport, Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaAuckland International Airport, Auckland, New Zealand
Destination:Auckland International Airport, Auckland, New ZealandBrisbane International Airport, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 767-300Boeing 767-300
Flight Phase:CruiseCruise
Operator(s):EVA AirAir New Zealand
Type of flight:RevenueRevenue
Serious Injuries:00
Other Injuries:00
Executive Summary:At 1105 hours on Tuesday 17 December 1996, Air New Zealand flight NZ 31 from Auckland to Brisbane, requested a clearance to climb from flight level 350 to non-standard flight level 370, because of turbulence at flight level 350. The level change was authorised by air traffic control, and as the aircraft left flight level 350, the crew noticed the “contrails” of another aircraft above and levelled off. A traffic alert and collision avoidance system traffic advisory message was received at the same time, indicating that the vertical separation of the aircraft on passing was 1800 feet. The loss of separation had the potential for a collision.

The safety issues discussed are the procedure for the use of flight progress boards and the issuing of clearances for non-standard flight levels. Safety recommendations were made to the Chief Executive of the Airways Corporation of New Zealand and the Director of Civil Aviation on these issues.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Airspace - Air Proximity
Operations - Airspace - Air Traffic Control


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