Event Details

Title:Proximity incident, Boeing 737-219 ZK-NAS and Cessna 152 ZK-EOJ, 5 nm north-east of Dunedin Airport, 25 August 1994
Micro summary:A near-miss occurred between a Boeing 737 and Cessna 152.
Event Time:1994-08-25 at 1115 NZST
File Name:1994-08-25-NZ.pdf
Publishing Agency:Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC)
Publishing Country:New Zealand
Report number:94-019
Site of event:5 nm NE of Dunedin Airport
First AirplaneSecond Airplane
Departure:Wellington International Airport, Wellington, New ZealandTaieri Aerodrome, Teieri, New Zealand
Destination:Dunedin International Airport, Dunedin, New ZealandTaieri Aerodrome, Taieri, New Zealand
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 737-219Cessna 152
Flight Phase:ApproachCruise
Operator(s):Air New Zealand
Type of flight:RevenueTraining
Serious Injuries:00
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:At approximately 1115 hours on 25 August 1994 an airmiss occurred between a Boeing 737 airliner on approach to Dunedin Airport and a Cessna 152 operating from Taieri Aerodrome. It was recommended that the vertical and horizontal airspace boundaries to the southwest of Taieri Aerodrome be modified to improve separation between uncontrolled VFR traffic and controlled IFR traffic on approach to Dunedin Airport.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Airspace - Air Proximity
Operations - Airspace - Air Traffic Control


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