About fss.aero

Formed in 1992, Flight Simulation Systems was formed to develop high-quality training and simulation products to help enhance the use of microcomputers in improving flight safety. Its first product, "Jet Transport Simulator/727" was well-received, featuring interactive panel graphics and a unique array of synoptic displays that helped illustrate the status of the airplane at any point.

After a brief 12-year interregnum, during which the proprietor helped reform a training group which helped lead Apple's customer service division to top most industry assessments of customer support quality, we reformed, and released a compilation of airliner accident reports on DVD-ROM. While a ghastly subject, this compilation was unprecedented in scope, providing easy access to historical data for both students of safety as well as systems (big and little-S).

The website fss.aero was chosen shortly after the "Aero" domains became available (fss.com was taken early on by the Floral Supply Syndicate). fss.aero has nothing to do with Flight Service Stations.