Virgin Atlantic

2005-12-30Cabin smoke, Airbus A340-642, G-VGOA, December 30, 2005
2005-11-03Nacelle collision with ground, Boeing 747-41R, G-VWOW
2005-07-26Turbulence injuries, Boeing 747-443, G-VROM
2005-04-23Loading error, Airbus A340-642, G-VSHY
2005-02-08Multiple system failures, Airbus A340-642, G-VATL
2003-01-30Runway excursion while taxiing, Airbus A340-311, G-VSKY, at Heathrow
2002-10-29TCAS manoeuvre south of Jyväskylä on October 29, 2002
1997-11-05Partial-gear landing, Airbus A340-311, G-VSKY

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