Midwest Express Airlines

2003-08-07Turbulence injuries, McDonnell Douglas DC-9-81, August 7, 2003
2000-01-31Lavatory fire, Douglas DC-9-32, January 31, 2000
1999-07-02Collision between lavatory service truck and McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32, Milwaukee, July 2, 1999
1999-04-09Frozen elevator control, Douglas DC-9-32, April 9, 1999
1999-03-21Loss of elevator control, Douglas DC-9-14, March 21, 1999
1999-01-15Wake turbulence injury, January 15, 1999
1985-09-06Uncontained engine failure, Midwest Express Airlines, Inc., DC-9-14, N100ME, General Billy Mitchell Field, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 6, 1985

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