2004-01-02Loss of separation, Air Traffic Incident: HS25B, OY-RAA and B737, PH-BDO
2003-06-04Pilot incapacitation, Incident, Airbus A320-212, TC-OAC
2002-06-15Uncontained engine failure, Incident: Boeing 777-200, 9V-SVI
2002-01-07Electrical failure, Incident: Airbus A300-B4-203 (F), EI-EAT
2001-06-28Failure of main landing gear, Accident: Boeing 757-208, TF-FIJ
2000-11-27Uncommanded yaw on rollout, Incident, Fokker F-27, D-AELF, Billund Airport
2000-11-15Lightning strike, Incident, Boeing 757-236, OY-GRL
2000-04-26Engine failure on takeoff, Accident, McDonnell Douglas DC-9-41, SE-DOM
1999-12-03Low fuel, Incident, Boeing 737-500, G-MSKB
1999-08-24Failure to become airborne, Incident, Boeing 767-383, OY-KDN
1996-06-26Pressurization failure, Boeing 737-436, G-DOCR, 26 June 1996

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