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Title:Taxiway excursion involving a Boeing 737-200 (EI-COA) at Charleroi, Belgium, November 29, 2002
Micro summary:A fast runway exit caused an excursion from the taxiway, putting the nosewheel in the grass.
Event Time:2002-11-29 at 1140 UTC
File Name:2002-11-29-IE.pdf
Publishing Agency:Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU)
Publishing Country:Ireland
Report number:2004-006
Site of event:Charleroi, Belgium
Departure:Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland
Destination:Charleroi Brussels South, Charleroi, Belgium
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 737-200 ADV
Flight Phase:Landing
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:0
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:The scheduled passenger flight from Dublin (EIDW) with 128 passengers, 5 crew and 4 supernumerary crew members landed normally on runway (RWY) 25 at Charleroi Airport/Brussels South (CRL) at 11.40 hrs. After landing, the First Officer, who was the pilot-flying the aircraft (PF), handed over control to the Captain somewhere prior to runway exit S2 and she elected to vacate the runway at exit S1, which is at the end of the runway. During this left turning off manoeuvre the nose wheel and right main landing gear departed the paved taxiway surface onto the soft grassy area. ATC was advised and the aircraft engines were shut down. The passengers disembarked the aircraft normally and were bussed to the terminal. The airport was then closed to traffic until 13.48 hrs when RWY 25 was declared fully operational again.

3.2.1 The late use of an inappropriate braking technique, that failed to achieve a safe taxi speed, led to the uncontrolled departure of the aircraft from the taxiway onto the grassy area.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Braking Issues (General)
Operations - Runway Excursion
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