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Title:Excessive right aileron required on Boeing 737-400, EI-BXB, at Dublin Airport
Micro summary:A flight control system failure on this Boeing 737 resulted in a tendency to roll left.
Event Time:1998-11-27 at 0945 UTC
File Name:1998-11-27-IE.pdf
Publishing Agency:Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU)
Publishing Country:Ireland
Report number:2000/008
Site of event:Approach, runway 28
Destination:Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 737-400
Flight Phase:Approach
Operator(s):Aer Lingus
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:0
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:At approx 500 ft on the approach to RWY 28 at Dublin Airport, the First Officer, who was handling the aircraft, brought to the attention of the aircraft's commander the fact that he required an input of 5 to 6 units of right aileron to maintain wings level. There were no other adverse handling problems but this degree of right aileron had to be held until the aircraft was safely on the ground. Because the aircraft was so close to touchdown, there was little time to trouble- shoot the problem during approach. A standard approach, landing and taxi were carried out.

On examination of the aircraft the cause of the problem was traced to the outboard spoiler on the LH wing (position "0"--see Fig. 2). The spoiler was found with its control surface disconnected from its actuator. The spoiler actuator was found to have had the eye-end separated from the actuator shaft. This was caused by severe corrosion on the threaded portions of the shaft and on the eye-end. The actuator had been installed since delivery in Oct 1989.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Maintenance
Operations - Upset - Uncommanded or excessive Roll
Systems - Flight Control System
Systems - Flight Controls - Spoilers - Slats - Flaps
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