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Title:Approach beneath glideslope, Serious aircraft incident, Collision with ILS localizer by Ilyushin IL-76TD, RA 76750, Trondheim
Micro summary:An approach beneath glide slope resulted in landing short.
Event Time:2000-02-04 at 0455
File Name:2000-02-04-NO.pdf
Publishing Agency:Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIB)
Publishing Country:Norway
Report number:41/2000
Site of event:Runway 27 at Trondheim airport Værnes (ENVA)
Latitude/Longitude:67° 27’ N 10° 55’ E
Departure:Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow, Russia
Destination:Trondheim Airport, VÊrnes, Norway
Airplane Type(s):Ilyushin Il-76TD
Flight Phase:Landing
Registration(s):RA 76750
Type of flight:Cargo
Serious Injuries:0
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:The aircraft was on a chartered scheduled cargo flight from Moscow airport Sheremetievo (UUEE) to Trondheim airport Værnes (ENVA). The flight was uneventful until final approach to runway 27. The commander was the pilot flying (PF). The weather at the time of the approach was unstable with strong westerly to south-westerly variable winds, turbulent conditions and showers of rain/snow.

At time 03:39:45Z, RA 76750 established contact with Værnes TWR. The flight crew received information of RWY in use, actual weather and RWY conditions. The aircraft was approaching the airport from SE and was given radar vectors to intercept ILS RWY 27. Descent clearance to FL 90 was given.

At time 03:43:45Z RA 76750 received clearance for descent to 6 000 ft on QNH 993 hPa. Between the time 0344Z and 0345Z there was communication between the aircraft crew and Værnes TWR clarifying the radar vectoring procedure for RWY 27. Descent clearances to 5 000 ft and 4 000 ft were given. At time 0350Z, RA 76750 was established on the ILS, and was cleared to land on RWY 27. Wind report was given by TWR: “250o at 35 gusting 40”. A new wind update was given at 0353Z: “240o 36”.

When the landing lights became visible, the duty air traffic tower controller observed RA76750 to be lower than the normal glide path.

RA76750 landed at time 03:55:00Z. When passing over the runway end, the aircraft’s landing gear collided with the localizer antenna installation. At the same time the alarm for LLZ RWY 09 operation failure was heard and seen in the tower. After parking, the crew was requested to report in the control tower.

Learning Keywords:Operations - In-flight Collision with Ground Structure
Operations - Runway Overrun
Operations - Unstabilized Approach


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