Event Details

Title:Collision with runway edge lights, Serious incident occurring 18 December 2000 at Dresden Airport to a Saab 2000
Micro summary:This Saab 2000 experienced a rejected takeoff and burst tires.
Event Time:2000-12-18 at 2014 local
File Name:2000-12-18-DE.pdf
Publishing Agency:Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation (BFU)
Publishing Country:Germany
Report number:EX007-0/00
Site of event:Takeoff, dresden
Departure:Dresden Klotzsche Airport, Dresden, Germany
Destination:Zurich, Switzerland
Airplane Type(s):Saab 2000
Flight Phase:Takeoff
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:0
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:The crew was to conduct a scheduled flight from Dresden to Zürich (Switzerland). 4 crew members and 18 passengers were aboard the aeroplane. At 20:14 hrs the crew received the take-off clearance from the air traffic control unit (Tower); indicated wind was 200° and 3 kt. The weather was good and there were no obstructions of visibility in the dark night. The runway was dry.

During the take-off run, the crew heard unusual noises. They interpreted the noises as a bursting tyre of the nose wheel and initiated an aborted take-off. The aeroplane came to stop on the runway. Due to the destruction of both tyres of the nose wheel the aeroplane could not be taxied off the runway. As a result the runway had to be closed until 22:08 hrs for further flight operations.

The incident happened because the pilot in command confused the centre line lighting of runway 22 with the left runway edge lighting. This confusion had not been noticed by the copilot.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Airport Markings or Lighting
Operations - Rejected Takeoff before V1
Operations - Ground Collision
Systems - Landing Gear
Systems - Landing Gear - Tires
Consequence - Damage - Airframe or fuselage


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