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Title:Runway excursion, Skyservice Airlines Inc., Airbus A320-212, C-GJUP, Windsor, Ontario, 11 February 2003
Micro summary:This A320 overran the runway while taxiing.
Event Time:2003-02-11 at 2327 EDT
File Name:2003-02-11-CA.pdf
Publishing Agency:Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB)
Publishing Country:Canada
Report number:A03O0034
Site of event:
Departure:Windsor Airport, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Destination:Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Airplane Type(s):Airbus A320-212
Flight Phase:Taxi
Operator(s):Skyservice Airlines
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:Unknown
Other Injuries:Unknown
Executive Summary:Skyservice Airlines Flight 0045, an Airbus A320-212, registration C-GJUP, serial number 645, was on a regularly scheduled instrument flight rules (IFR) flight. The flight had departed Toronto/LBPIA at 1257 eastern standard time, flew to Windsor where additional passengers were picked up, and then continued to Cancun, Mexico. For the return leg, Flight 0045 departed Cancun at 1910 and arrived at Windsor at 2243.

At the time of the occurrence, the aircraft was back-taxiing to position on Runway 25 in preparation for departure from Windsor. The aircraft radio control of aerodrome lighting (ARCAL) system was in use as the tower had closed during passenger deplaning at the terminal. The airfield lighting extinguished while the aircraft was taxiing to the runway and was not reactivated by the copilot until the aircraft neared the end of the runway. The captain observed the runway end lights after the ARCAL lighting system was activated and applied heavy braking. Because of the aircraft’s proximity to the end of the runway and the speed at which it was being taxied, the aircraft did not remain within the confines of the runway. After the aircraft stopped, at approximately 2327 eastern standard time, the flight crew shut down the engines and advised London Flight Information Centre (FIC) of their position. There were no injuries to the passengers or crew. The passengers and flight crew deplaned the aircraft and were bused back to the airport terminal.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Braking Issues (General)
Operations - Crew Resource Management
Operations - Runway Excursion
Operations - Slippery Runway, Taxiway, Apron
Operations - Whiteout or Poor Visibility from Cockpit


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