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Title:Nosewheel collapse on landing, Trans World Airlines, Inc., Boeing 707-131B, N757TW, Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles , California, January 16, 1974
Micro summary:This Boeing 707-131B experienced a nosewheel collapse during a visual landing.
Event Time:1974-01-16 at 0135 PDT
File Name:1974-01-16-US.pdf
Publishing Agency:National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
Publishing Country:USA
Report number:NTSB-AAR-74-10
Site of event:Landing, LAX RWY 6R
Departure:John F. Kennedy International Airport, Jamaica, New York, USA
Destination:Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California, USA
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 707-131B
Flight Phase:Landing
Operator(s):Trans World Airlines
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:8
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:About 0135 PDT on January 16, 1974, the nose landing gear of Trans World Airlines, Inc., Flight 701, collapsed upon touchdown after a night visual approach to runway 6R at the Los Angeles International Airport. Of the 58 passengers and 7 crewmembers on board, 8 persons were injured. All injuries were incurred during the emergency evacuation. A postcrash fire destroyed the fuselage.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the accident was the continuation of a visual approach after the flightcrew lost outside visual reference because of a low cloud
and fog encounter.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Evacuation
Operations - Unstabilized Approach
Systems - Landing Gear
Systems - Landing Gear - Nose Gear Collapse
Close match:Nosewheel collapse, Futura Boeing 737-800 (EC-HMK), Shannon Airport, Ireland, November 30, 2000


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