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Title:Near-miss, Boeing 737 and Cessna 185, Juneau, Alaska, July 1, 1994
Micro summary:This Boeing 737 encountered a near-miss with a Cessna 185
Event Time:1994-07-01 at 1900 ADT
File Name:1994-07-01-US.pdf
Publishing Agency:National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
Publishing Country:USA
Report number:ANC94IA075A
Site of event:Juneau, AK
First AirplaneSecond Airplane
Departure:Gustavus Airport, Gustavus, Alaska, USAJuneau International Airport, Juneau, Alaska, USA
Destination:Juneau International Airport, Juneau, Alaska, USAKetchikan, Alaska, USA
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 737-400Cessna 182
Flight Phase:ApproachClimb
Operator(s):Alaska AirlinesPrivate
Type of flight:RevenuePrivate
Serious Injuries:00
Other Injuries:00
Executive Summary:

NTSB short summary:

The failure of the local controller to exercise his responsibility to have each aircraft adjust its flightpath to remain clear of the other, and the failure of the the pilot of the Cessna 185 to maintain adequate visual separation from the Boeing 737.

NTSB synopsis:

Approaching the airport, the flightcrew of the B-737, N769AS, made initial contact with the local controller, and was advised of a left downwind for runway 26. At about 5 mi SW of the arpt, the flightcrew was advised of pattern traffic that included the departing C-185, N1470Q, starting a left downwind. The pilot of the C-185 was also advised of the B-737 entering downwind, to which the pilot replied '...Roger have traffic in sight will stay low.' The pilot was not instructed to adjust his flightpath to remain clear of the B-737. The flightcrew of the B-737 subsequently reported a 'near miss' to the tower. The B-737 flightcrew and the C-185 pilot estimated their separation as less than 50 ft, at aprx 800 ft AGL. The pilot of the B-737 took 'max nose up...' Evasive action.

NTSB factual narrative text:

On July 1, 1994, at 1659 Alaska daylight time, a Boeing 737-400, N769AS, operating as Alaska Airlines flight 77, was involved in a near-midair-collision (NMAC) with a float equipped Cessna 185 airplane, N1470Q, within the Juneau, Alaska, class D airspace (airport traffic area and control zone). Alaska flight 77 was operating under 14 CFR 121, as a scheduled domestic air carrier arriving from Gustavus, Alaska, and N1470Q was operating under 14 CFR Part 91 as a personal flight to Ketchikan from Juneau. Both aircraft were on a VFR flight plan in visual meteorological conditions and were in contact with the Juneau Air Traffic Control Tower. The Boeing was reportedly in an approach turn to final and the Cessna was on a downwind departure. Alaska flight 77 reportedly had five crewmembers and fifty-six passengers on board. The Cessna had a private pilot and a passenger on board. There were no reported injuries and no reported aircraft damage.

Both pilots reported a "near miss" condition had occurred and estimated the distance to be 30 to 50 foot separation, at approximately 800 foot (agl). The captain of the Boeing reported that he took evasive action by employing "max nose up and full power." The private pilot reported that the Boeing passed in front of him at a distance of 50 feet and did not take evasive action.

Refer to the Operations Group and Air Traffic Group Chairmans' Factual Reports attached.
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